Suzann is a gifted speaker, writer, and coach who pulls from diverse ideas and perspectives to synthesize material in new ways. I have worked with Suzann on many occasions and find her to be insightful and informative. I always walk away from her sessions more expanded in my thinking. Suzann is a woman with many gifts and loads of energy who shares her work graciously and generously. As a speaker and presenter, she is very passionate and her energy is infectious. She is also a talented writer and editor. In addition, I’ve done hypnotherapy and relationship coaching with Suzann and enjoy her calm, smooth style of working 1:1 in that capacity.- Linda J. Ferguson, Ph.D. author of “Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand” and “Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Servicewww.lindajferguson.com

Suzann is a natural, enthusiastic presenter who loves to share her passion of Personality Dynamics and explains it in a way that whets the appetite for more. She engages her audience and leads them to a more thorough understanding of the concepts.

Diane Foss, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist offering support groups for Responsible Drinking, Anxiety, and Estrangement. www.diannedrakefoss.com



You are the best in everything you do!

Barbe Snow, Instructor in Shamanic Arts, Facilitator of the Wild Ride, Co-creating ceremonies that make every aspect of living a sacred event.

Suzann’s ability to share profound information about mind, Ruth-Yeager-2013body and energy is delightful as well as very creative. She has a way of enticing one to look into themselves to find such beautiful jewels of personal wisdom. Suzann provides clarity about areas of the physical as well as energy body that can be nurtured to allow deeper transformation.” Franny Harcey, Facilitator Colorado Healers Network  

“I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping my partner and I navigate that painful unwinding yesterday. Of all the therapists that I’ve ever spoken with about ANY issue, none have ever made me feel like there was actually good work being done. You make me feel like there’s hope and that is a huge gift.” Coaching Client

Suzann’s workshop presentation was full of concrete information that we could easily internalize.  Ruth Yeager, participant at American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)

Suzann is a lady who knows what she is talking about, allowing my thoughts which were submerged to surface. Georgia Sweeney, Evergreen, CO

I have long been in awe of how clearly you see things and your wondrous ability to turn what you see into words that help others notice that which might otherwise have goon unseen! Katie Brown, Executive Director at People House