Battle of the Sexes: We are more the same than different
Personality dynamics and differences in temperament keep people apart
Your answers to the following questions will provide insight to partnerships at work or home, with parents, siblings or friends, with children, and even in the bedroom.
  • How trusting are you in relationships?
    • Does trust build easily or is it a struggle?
  • Do you tend to lean on the other person?
  • Are you overly independent?
  • Do you find yourself doing all of the initiation?
  • Do you wait for the other person to get the ball rolling?
  • How do you relax alone and with others?
  • What tasks do you enjoy doing together?
  • Can you name the roles you are comfortable with in various partnerships?
  • Are you willing to articulate your wants, needs and desires?
  • Do you have a vision for your life in the future?
The outcome of defining your position in various relationships becomes the basis for intimacy and integration. When we are fully integrated, we move away from isolation and despair.
Are you an experiencer of Near Death (NDE), Past Life, Kundalini Awakening or out-of-the-body sensations that you find difficult to communicate about?
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