inner rainbows

kundaliniWe each have an inner sense of knowing and ways to attract the things we need in life. Each color of the rainbow has a particular attribute outlined in ancient traditions connected to the chakra system:

Red=Security — What makes you secure?

Orange=Creativity — What do you create to express your self?

Yellow=Power –Do you express power with rather than “power over”

Green=Love — In what ways do you give and receive love?

Blue=Clarity of Communication — Are you clearly asking for your needs to be met?

Indigo=Vision and Imagination — Are your dreams fulfilled?

Violet=Connection — Are you practicing forgiveness?

Listen to a 12 min. meditation designed to sooth your mind and body using these colors and manifest more of what you need in your life at this time.

The buzz about what is going to happen in 2012

The buzz about what is going to happen in 2012 reminds me of the split between mind and body. Is this a political question or a metaphysical one? For some of us who are caught up in politics, the outcome of this election will have a major impact if the democrats or republicans win. Others of us look forward to the ascension, or fear destruction, as the world as we know it ends.

We never actually know what is going to happen next, no matter how much we plan and prepare. When we take a vacation, we trace our route and say we want to be at one place on this date and another on that date. Mostly it works, but sometimes there are unexpected turns in the road and magnificent things to see and do that were not planned. Other times mistakes are made and we have to retrace our route, or we lose “time” because we lock the keys in the car, or we sleep poorly because we picked the wrong motel.

When we go to work day after day, mostly we know what to expect and it can be exciting when something different occurs. Sometimes the phone suddenly rings and everything we planned to do changes. Other time it is the same ole, same old. One never knows. However, we continue to have expectations and to set our intentions about how we want something to work. If we can live in the mystery of not knowing what is around the next corner, we can always be excited and surprised by what happens. When we have expectations, we are often disappointed.

Which way would you rather live? In disappointment or surprise and excitement? I am one of those people who don’t like surprises, but I don’t like to be disappointed either, so what is a girl to do? I like setting my intentions and then love with my arms wide open, letting happen whatever happens and surrendering to the moment. This is not always easy, but I have had some health problems lately that has left me not knowing what is going to happen next. I am learning to live in the mystery and allowing myself to be pleased with whatever is the outcome. This has have forced me to slow down and take what comes. It is a hard lesson. My body and mind are not in agreement. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, and other times my whole self says, “Let’s go!” Yet I don’t have an ounce of energy to follow through.

What do Rainbows have to do with Relationships?

healthy relationshipsMy company is called Inner Visions & Rainbow Resources because I work with the Inner Rainbow. One of my coaching and training techniques helps to improve relationships both at home and at work.

Our bodies are composed of an endocrine system that connects to our brain. This hormone system influences our health and well-being. It impacts our relationships. When hormones are out of balance we may become depressed and lethargic, or angry and overly aggressive. Hormonal balance brings joy and ease to relationships.

When we become aware of the inner workings of our body’s mind, we gain more control of our mood, of emotions, and of our potential for pleasure. These three things go hand in hand. Rather than “controlling our e-motions” or energy in motion, it is good to let them move ~~ As long as we do not move in a way that is harmful to anyone, including our self. When we are depressed, there is a lack of movement. When we are angry or overly aggressive, some people feel harmed by our tone of voice. In healthy relationships an ebb and flow of a raised voice tone is more easily tolerated. In a work situation or in front of small children, it is not appropriate to raise your voice in an angry manner. Under those circumstances, control is required; just as we would not act out sexually at work or in front of small children. There is a time and place for everything.

As children become teenagers, it is easier for them to understand that sometimes adults need to vent their anger by using a louder tone of voice. In an employee counseling session, it might be necessary for a worker to practice speaking up for what they believe is “right.” But in either situation if the speaker is out of control, the use of a loud and angry tone of voice is considered harmful. Often the tone is heard, but not the words. When this happens the purpose and meaning behind the communication is lost.

So what do these relationship guidelines have to do with rainbows? We each have an inner rainbow of colors that runs from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head and corresponds with our endocrine/hormonal system. Each color has a meaning. Using these colors and their corresponding attribute is an easy way to learn to “run energy.” Activating our energy body, in stillness and in silence, is one effective method of keeping depression, anger and aggression under control. If our energy is blocked, or flowing too freely, walking, dancing, playing sports, physically working on a project, or even cleaning are healthy ways to keep the energy and e-motions moving in a positive direction.

Becoming aware of the inner rainbow is a simple method for either slowing down or speeding up the endocrine responses that cause both our actions and our reactions to events. Just as we can learn to vary our breathing and heart rate, we can vary the energy that flows through out the body and mind. Learning to do this takes a bit of effort, but once learned, it is as easy as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. The trick is to remember to tap the inner rainbow and enjoy its appearance as a way to brighten your life and improve your relationships.

Meaning of Colors

Surrounding yourself with rainbow colors allows positive healing energy to move throughout your body’s mind. As you visualize each color, use the one word affirmation that corresponds to that area of the body.

RED is the symbol of the root chakra signifying SECURITY. This first chakra extends from the base of the spine down to the feet.

ORANGE represents CREATIVITY and sexuality. This symbol of the second chakra or spleen chakra embraces the reproductive and elimination system.

YELLOW chakra above the navel in the area of the solar plexus, portrays the POWER of the Sun, and includes the stomach, kidneys and adrenal glands.

GREEN chakra in the area of the heart and lungs, represents LOVE as the basic building block of the vital life force when breath is exchanged with the trees and plants and circulated throughout the body.

BLUE SKY BLUE forth chakra covers the throat and ears, which are identified with clear COMMUNICATION and peace-filled Harmony. It encompasses the thyroid gland.

INDIGO or dark sky blue fifth chakra or brow chakra is the symbol of VISION and Imagination. This third eye near the pineal gland provides the ability to see into the future and understand the past.

VIOLET or Magenta seventh chakra represents our divine or brilliant interactive connectedness with all that is, ever was or ever will be. It is the supreme CONNECTION and encompasses the pituitary gland.

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