inner rainbows

kundaliniWe each have an inner sense of knowing and ways to attract the things we need in life. Each color of the rainbow has a particular attribute outlined in ancient traditions connected to the chakra system:

Red=Security — What makes you secure?

Orange=Creativity — What do you create to express your self?

Yellow=Power –Do you express power with rather than “power over”

Green=Love — In what ways do you give and receive love?

Blue=Clarity of Communication — Are you clearly asking for your needs to be met?

Indigo=Vision and Imagination — Are your dreams fulfilled?

Violet=Connection — Are you practicing forgiveness?

Listen to a 12 min. meditation designed to sooth your mind and body using these colors and manifest more of what you need in your life at this time.

Every Day Tantra

denae photoEvery Day Tantra

The first association with Tantra is often an experience or practice of sacred sexuality between two people. That is an understanding that brings an air of delight to some, fear to others, and curiosity to the rest.

Tantra is also a way of life. Those who live in a tantric inspired way dance with what life brings energetically. Cycles of energy provide a give and take, a dance, a rest, a fire, a creation, a recharging. Within these cycles are more immediate cycles of presence, unconsciousness, numbing out, tuning in, running from and embracing all. These represent intimate, self-knowledge relationships with a tantric expression focused within oneself.

How vulnerable we are with ourselves, how intimate and interested we are in our own nature makes a difference. We will sculpt more of a conscious relationship with our self or create more distance from ourselves. It is interesting to note that our relationship with ourself is always mirrored in partnerships. Always; the more mirrored, the deeper we go. Can we dance tantrically with this?

Indeed, the sacred sexual practice of Tantra generates the energetic Temple where the God and Goddess come home to Love’s greatest fire and purest ocean. A lot of energy is processed in this kind of love making, and therefore less mental processing is needed between partners.

The Holy connection has been made and feeling safe is in the air. When partners feel safe, the Presence of Love breathes more deeply through the body. That deeper breath literally and metaphorically is exactly what we need to replenish our health, brighten our minds and raise the roof with our extraordinary, primal, cosmic and sacred sexual energy. Who said a Holy Connection couldn’t be an outrageously hot, steamy encounter?

The Tantric way of life teaches us to relax and ride more smoothly. We learn to co-create. We learn our rhythms and this benefits us. We are greatly blessed when we live with-in our own skin, turn toward our self first and then practice this internal relationship with Life itself. All of life becomes a deepening and a nourishment when we practice being in conscious relationship with it.

This includes relationships with others like lovers, partners, children and families. This ultimately includes the world because where we come from, where we generate our creations from, is what we’ll encounter in the dance of life.

All Blessings~ Danae Shanti

Meaning of Colors

Surrounding yourself with rainbow colors allows positive healing energy to move throughout your body’s mind. As you visualize each color, use the one word affirmation that corresponds to that area of the body.

RED is the symbol of the root chakra signifying SECURITY. This first chakra extends from the base of the spine down to the feet.

ORANGE represents CREATIVITY and sexuality. This symbol of the second chakra or spleen chakra embraces the reproductive and elimination system.

YELLOW chakra above the navel in the area of the solar plexus, portrays the POWER of the Sun, and includes the stomach, kidneys and adrenal glands.

GREEN chakra in the area of the heart and lungs, represents LOVE as the basic building block of the vital life force when breath is exchanged with the trees and plants and circulated throughout the body.

BLUE SKY BLUE forth chakra covers the throat and ears, which are identified with clear COMMUNICATION and peace-filled Harmony. It encompasses the thyroid gland.

INDIGO or dark sky blue fifth chakra or brow chakra is the symbol of VISION and Imagination. This third eye near the pineal gland provides the ability to see into the future and understand the past.

VIOLET or Magenta seventh chakra represents our divine or brilliant interactive connectedness with all that is, ever was or ever will be. It is the supreme CONNECTION and encompasses the pituitary gland.

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