My book offers solutions to improve relationships using

Insight and Intuition 
Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships explains how Freud’s Developmental Stages and Jung’s Personality Dynamics can illuminate our understanding of self and others. When we balance our hormones, using the chakra system, they help us cultivate healthy partnerships at home and at work.

Medical science confirms that a strong social support network that includes meaningful relationships will make us happier and more productive on all levels. Neuroscience has proven that when we change our thoughts, our behavior can change.

When we change, the people around us also change.

Having healthy relationships is not always easy. Sometimes we get hurt along the way. Some hurt happens on the emotional and physical levels, other times on mental and spiritual levels.

Understanding the information we receive through insight and intuition allows us to know more about our self and to discover ways to be present with others in easy, healthy and balanced ways.


Knowing how body and mind connect helps us feel better and become more successful.

Incorporating these ideas into your daily life is not difficult. When you use the simple tools outlined in Exploring Intimacy it can be as easy as brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

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As we learn more about our energetic body and the seven layers of colors that surround us, we are able to generate more JOY, peace and happiness.

Exploring Into-me-see will release old hurts and blocks to happiness.

Practical solutions can be easily applied. My unique approach to the body/mind and emotional/spiritual issues is useful for therapists and their clients, as well as anyone interested in personal growth.

Review by B. Mangan found on Exploring Intimacy covers a very large topic, being human, being happy, healthy and relating to others. Suzann uses material from many fields and cultures. Her style is down to earth even while she discusses concepts like the chakra system or compares Freud to Jung. The book is clearly written for intelligent readers not necessarily familiar with Eastern concepts or Western psychology. It could be an excellent text for a college class and yet contains much for the ordinary reader.

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