A review of ‘Exploring Intimacy’

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Robins’ well-researched text skillfully weaves historic perspectives with overviews of mind-body-spirit system theories and exercises designed to help us reconnect with others and our environment. Consciousness study began when Freud suggested that early childhood memories caused body distress. The rise of postwar individualist thinking led to military and industrial establishments that sought to control the destiny of individuals and the world by emphasizing materialism to the detriment of emotional and social health. Robins reviews subsequent reactions against such reductiveness and leading to “a call to conscious awareness,” and the recognition that discerning inner truths allows access to healing energy and enables individuals to regain and maintain balance and follow the “Path of Love.” Filled with illustrations of body shakras, the flow of positive and negative forces, and the overlapping circles of nature and nurture, this comprehensive study smoothly blends Eastern and Western approaches to healing energy. Robins’ detailed, richly interpretative, and practical study will find an audience among those who are seriously involved with alternative therapies. –Whitney Scott


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