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Do toxic relationships get in the way of a happier life?

Have you had a near death, out of the body, kundalini or other                                 transformative experience?

Do you take the high road with difficult people, only to find relationships still do not work out the way you would like?

Have you felt abandoned by a parent, partner, lover, or significant other?

Are you ready to get some much needed relief?

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As an experienced relationship coach and author of Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Insight and Intuition, I can help you find the happiness and trust you are looking for.

There is absolutely no reason to harbor negative feelings toward others, or for them to negate any of your  experiences. You no longer have to live with worry about confrontations, tension, and awkward moments at home or in the workplace.

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I come from a family that fought a lot – German Dad and Italian Mom were always  yelling so loud the neighbors could hear. Their fighting made growing up difficult.

As a child I was powerless to do anything to make it stop. As a teenager, I began to wonder and read about how relationships could be better. My father did not believe girls needed a college education, nor were my sisters and I allowed much freedom. At 21, my only choice was to get married, and see if I could somehow do it better. 

My husband came from a quiet Polish family that seldom raised their voices. Looking back, they expressed few emotions for any reason at all. We quickly had three children in the next four years. For a while, I managed to keep my voice at a comfortable level by matching his, and to stuff my emotional reactions until I was ready to burst. Our marriage lasted over 20 years because we began the practice of meditation. 

This led to the study of yoga and metaphysics where I learned: 

  • How possible it is to remove negative attitudes that block our process of gaining inner peace and joy
  • We all have easy access to an inner guidance system to help manage anger
  • The wonderful spiritual awakening of Kundalini Energy as a path to the divine
  • Change your attitude and watch the people around you change
  • Greater happiness and pleasure can be attained even during times of economic stress

Once my children were grown, I earned a Masters Degree in Psychology with a focus on Interpersonal Communication to further understand personality dynamics. Eventually, I created a blend of what I learned from my meditation practice with the best of what therapeutic counseling and hypnosis had to offer. I found that simple mental exercises, practiced on a regular basis, can bring balanced clarity and harmony to all relationships, both at home and at work.

From this I developed ways to release blocks to healthy relationships …

I teach practicies that are as easy as brushing your teeth or taking a shower, but need to be performed as a positive habit to see the best results, and gain more pleasure in your life.

Discover more about my unique technique in these short video presentations:


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